The Barn, New Rates, Squirrels & More Updates!

We’ve been up to A LOT at Strawberry Pines. Except blogging. We haven’t been up to that too much. Oops!

The truth is, all this social media updating, and password rememberin’ is just plain hard when we’re restoring and expanding an AWESOME barn for you to get married in, or have a dance, or listen to a band play, or celebrate a family reunion at.



It was an afterthought while we prepped and decorated the Ranch House, which is now officially open for rentals!


It’s difficult to find time for when we’re helping people have weddings under the pines…


and on the dock…


And now we have baby squirrels to care for! (It’s a long story, but you should check them out here! @Squirrely_girls on Instagram)

11998920_906767082724372_2553399584726920724_nWe’re sorry. We don’t mean to leave you in the dark!

Have you liked Strawberry Pines on Facebook? You should! It’s the easiest way for us to keep you up to date, and we share lots of beautiful pictures there.

What you REALLY need to know, is we have a new, simpler price structure and we’ve eliminated the 2-night minimum. 

So come check us out, give us a call, let us know how we can help you relax and/or have a beautiful celebration!



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