We are so excited to begin our second full year of operations here at Strawberry Pines. We had such an amazing year in 2016 and I am working on a recap post to share with you some of the  gorgeous weddings that took place under the pines, on the dock and in the barn this past year.

 But before I get to that, I want to tell you about an exciting opportunity to come stay at Strawberry Pines for a weekend Yoga Retreat Friday, January 13 – Sunday, January 15. Come join us under the pines for a fun filled weekend . In addition to lots of yoga options, there will be amazing meals,  prepared by  personal chef Destiny Aponte and activities like hiking, fishing, massages, facials, or a cooking class. Oh, and there will be wine and chocolates, and wine and cheese, and wine, you get the idea right?

Holy Yoga is perfect for beginners or seasoned yogis with a focus on fellowship and personal renewal.

A Fresh New You Yoga Retreat

Jan 13- 15

Holy Yoga is a style of traditional Hatha Yoga and is about the connection of your breath, the spirit, and the body. It’s 100% yoga. It’s also 100% Jesus. We share the love of Christ via yoga and fitness to seekers, believers, or or those who simply love yoga. All are welcome here! Leslie is a registered yoga instructor trained in the hatha style of Holy Yoga. You can learn more about Holy Yoga With Leslie here.

(Leslie Jean Muckleroy R-HI 225)

View More: http://atagirlphoto.pass.us/strawberrypineslogo

Along with great yoga you will enjoy superb meals created especially for A Fresh New You by Destiny Aponte of       It’s Destiny Catering.http://facebook.com/itsdestinycatering


It’s Destiny Catering is a private chef service designed to serve a growing market of working families and young professionals that lack the time and/or ability to cook.  We serve natural, unprocessed foods at a reasonable price, offering consistent quality and service. Our target audience is those trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, helping them reach their nutritional goals. We specialize in nutritious, balanced meals that will help reach individual caloric needs. We take pride in our customer relations and cater every meal to the customer’s food preferences, allergies, caloric and dietary needs. It’s Destiny Catering’s meal delivery service caters to busy families, bringing the family back to the dinner table.

There is a variety of activities through out the weekend to include lots of unscheduled down time in a beautiful setting.



Friday Jan 13

4:30 – 5: 30 p.m. check in


5: 30 Wine and Charcuterie

6:00 Wine Social Dinner

8:30 Gentle Yoga

Wine and Chocolates

Saturday Jan 14

7:00 Coffee Bar

8:00 Morning Sun Salutations

8:30 Breakfast

10:00 Yoga Q&A Slow Flow

12:00 Lunch

1:00 to 6:00 Free Time & Flex Activity Time

6:00 Wine social Dinner

8:30 Yoga Nidra

Sunday Jan 15

7:00 Coffee Bar

8:00 Meditation Flow

9:15 Farewell Brunch


Rates include meals and lodging. All Lodging is family style in our three lovely homes located on the property.


Rates are based on the bed size. Some bedrooms have multiple beds. Some Flex activities require a fee and pre registration.

King Bed                                                                     $475

K-fee split by 2                                                          $262.50(each)

Queen                                                                         $465

Q-fee split by 2                                                         $257.50(each)

Twin                                                                            $450

Full size sleeper sofa                                               $450

Flex Activities



**Cooking Classes with Chef Ande Mcbay

Power Flow Yoga Session


Fishing (pond is stocked with bass)

  activities noted with ** will require an additional fee

Registration accepted on a first come basis. Spaces limited to 15. Credit Cards accepted in person or over the phone by contacting:

Darlene Henry   @    210-296-1764

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In January, we were thrilled to host a group of exceptional women, writers, and mostly Texans for a writing and business retreat. They called it Queso Extreme. We’re just saying it looked like a great time.

The group of 12 women comfortably fit in our conference room in the Ranch House to discuss their plans for 2016, but they also enjoyed taking in the rest of the property as they relaxed and brainstormed throughout the weekend.


Photo Credit: Jill Krause

The group included Emmy winner Laura Mayes, NYT best selling author Jenny Lawson, and co-founder and Executive Director of Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls Meredith Walker – just to name a few!

At night they spread out between the three houses so there was plenty of room for all to sleep.

They took advantage of the kitchen space in the Ranch House to make all their own meals. We were happy to pick up their groceries from the local HEB before they arrived, so the refrigerator was stocked and ready to go from the minute they dropped their bags. This is a service we offer to all who stay with us.

12495174_10153485370124601_7413169071063552397_nPhoto Credit: Lauren Bayne

We pride ourselves on Strawberry Pines being a peaceful escape for all kinds of groups. We love weddings, of course, but the Pines is a fantastic place to gather with co-workers, too. We’ll make sure you have plenty of coffee!


Photo Credit: Jill Krause

Contact us if you’re interested in booking a working retreat.  And don’t forget to follow Strawberry Pines on Facebook!



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We’ve been up to A LOT at Strawberry Pines. Except blogging. We haven’t been up to that too much. Oops!

The truth is, all this social media updating, and password rememberin’ is just plain hard when we’re restoring and expanding an AWESOME barn for you to get married in, or have a dance, or listen to a band play, or celebrate a family reunion at.



It was an afterthought while we prepped and decorated the Ranch House, which is now officially open for rentals!


It’s difficult to find time for when we’re helping people have weddings under the pines…


and on the dock…


And now we have baby squirrels to care for! (It’s a long story, but you should check them out here! @Squirrely_girls on Instagram)

11998920_906767082724372_2553399584726920724_nWe’re sorry. We don’t mean to leave you in the dark!

Have you liked Strawberry Pines on Facebook? You should! It’s the easiest way for us to keep you up to date, and we share lots of beautiful pictures there.

What you REALLY need to know, is we have a new, simpler price structure and we’ve eliminated the 2-night minimum. 

So come check us out, give us a call, let us know how we can help you relax and/or have a beautiful celebration!



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Strawberry Pines is gorgeous, we know. Just stating the facts.

If you’re looking for a unique, beautiful backdrop for any kind of photo shoot- indoor or out- you’re going to want to head on out here.

We’ve got the shade of the stately pine trees, the glow and back lighting of a setting sun, romantic and light drenched rooms, and a 100 year old barn (helloooo Pinterest!)! Use natures props, or feel free to bring your own.

So there are a couple ways you can get your picture taking on out here:

1. You can book an exclusive 4-hour appointment, which includes access to all the homes and the grounds just for you and your client for $100. Additional charges will apply for multiple photo sessions.

2. You can visit us on the following days for shared access to just the grounds for $25/session- March 7th, March 21st, April 18th, April 15th from 10-7.

You can stay as long as you want, but we will expect $25 per session you are shooting. Upon arrival, you and all clients will need to sign in, and sign a waiver. We will have staff supervising the grounds each day.

We hope you can come out and capture the magnificence of Strawberry Pines someday soon!

Call us at 210-296-1764 or email darlene@strawberrypines.com



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We are so excited that we are finally, officially open for business here at Strawberry Pines. We want to celebrate with you and kick the year off right by offering a 25% discount on any 2015 date when you confirm your booking and pay your deposit by February 28th.

Contact us ASAP. We want you to get the date you want, and the discount on the destination of your dreams!

And, yup! We offer payment plans.

Also? It’s totally okay to shoot us a text. We’re hip.


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